Part swamp, part angel cake, Lake Merritt is our home. Well, not LITERALLY our home, we live in an apartment, but it's really close to Lake Merritt and also Lake Merritt is in Oakland. By where we live. To clarify, we do not live in a lake.

Elliot Cowan emerging from lake in white shirt
Not either of us

Dakin, Amy, and their special dog Bookers have spent many a happy ten minute block (Amy hates being out in nature) strolling through the gardens at Lakeside Park, running and laughing in the grass, yelling out "NO, BOOKERS" over and over as he eats goose poop, and wondering about the magic of trees. We can think of no better place for you to witness our "union" (it's more like a "wedding") than in Lakeside Park, specifically the picnic tables by the Sailboat House. 

edge of lake merritt with geese floating on it
It's somewhere near here

On August 5, 2017, the picnic tables/dirt patch area will ring with the song of matrimony. We will convene at 1:30pm after spending a joyous hour setting up shit. There will be a brief ceremony, then our guests will enjoy food and laughter and getting sauced all through the afternoon. In case it gets boring, we will have some games maybe.